Dont Miss the Joint CV ASHI - HR ASHI Education Conference
Saturday April 23

Homeowner Resources

Home Inspectors and Home Inspection

  1. The ASHI Standards of Practice 
  2. Searching for a HRASHI Inspector
  3. About the Virginia Certified Home Inspector Regulations 
  4. Looking for an ASHI Certified Inspector in another state

Product Recalls and Safe Home Information

  1. To learn about product RECALLS
  2. Information about MOLD
  3. Information on LEAD
  4. Information on ASBESTOS
  5. Fire Retardant Treated or FRT Plywood
  6. Information on RADON

Real Estate Agents 

  1. Locating a Hampton Roads REALTOR.
  2. Locating a Virginia Peninsula REALTOR


  1. Federal Pacific Stab Lok Panel Information
  2. Information about single conductor Aluminum Wiring 

Water Heaters

  1. Water Heater Size Selection Tool
  2. 2015 Federal Regulations on Water Heaters
  3. Video on 2015 Water Heater Regulations
  4. Video on Temperature Pressure Relief Valve Dangers
  5. Article on TPR Valve operation and safety
  6. Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) Water Heaters 
  7. Water heater Flushing
  8. Flushing a Tankless Water Heater


  1. PB or polybutylene pipes
  2. Information on various plastic pipe/fittings
  3. Information on Cast Iron pipe and fittings
  4. Winterizing your plumbing

Roof Systems

  1. What you should know about Re-roofing a home