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Saturday April 23


   Your home is your single biggest asset and most important investment. When buying a new home, you want the confidence of knowing that you're getting what you're paying for and when you decide to sell, you want to maximize the return on the investment you've made. A thorough home inspection is the key to both. Whether you're preparing to buy or sell, you're in the right place. This site is your best resource for learning how to protect your investment.
  Use this site to find the best Hampton Roads ASHI home inspectors for you. Need an expert on vintage homes or a new construction specialist? Perhaps you need an inspector that is familiar with well and septic systems or one who is versed in urban structures. If you're concerned about a specific aspect of the home you're thinking about buying, use the Find an Inspector tool to select the inspector right for your situation.
   Have you found the homebuying process just a bit overwhelming? Maybe you don't understand what a home inspector does during the home inspection process. Does the inspector pass or fail the house? Do inspectors move furniture or open walls? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and if you don't get the answers to the questions you have, feel free to call any or all of the inspectors on this site. Hampton Roads ASHI Home Inspectors are always happy to discuss the home inspection process with you.